Racks of children's clothes

Turn Your Clutter into Cash

Gather your items

We accept just about anything you need to raise a child. Clothes,toys, furniture, shoes, baby equipment and much more. Sales are seasonal so there are a few things we only accept at certain sales, and some items we cannot accept at all. Please carefully review the what we accept page before you begin to prepare your items. Our shoppers safety is our utmost concern, so please help us by checking all your items against the recalled items list.

Prepare your items

To help you sell more and the make the sale run smoothly, we have specific ways your items must be prepared and tagged. Every item must have an index card with a price, description, and bar code sticker on it. Index cards are attached to the items with safety pins. All clothes must be hung on hangers (with the hook pointing left). Tape can be used to attach tags onto other items. We have details on how to prepare your items on our prepare and tag your items guide.

Tag/Barcode your items

Create or log into your CCC Sale Account Once in your account, you will register for the current sale, order and print barcode stickers to put on your index cards. Barcodes are printed on Avery 5160 (or similar) labels and attached to index cards. Every item must have an index card and a barcode sticker. Please review our how to print barcodes guide.


At CCC Sale, you get to set the price. Consider the quality, name brand and condition of each item. We recommend you start at ¼ of the original price. To encourage high quality items, we have a $3.00 minimum. We strongly recommend allowing your items to be discounted. Not only does it bless many East Texas families, it will increase your check by 20-30%. For specific pricing helps, please read our detailed pricing your items guide.

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