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Printing Barcodes for Your Items

Every item must be tagged with a 3×5 index card and a barcode

  • Create or sign into your CCC account.
  • Register for the upcoming sale.
  • Click on the order barcodes link.
  • Fill out the form with the specific price and quantity of barcodes that you need, then click “submit barcode”.
  • Once you have entered all the specific prices you need, click “submit order” on the right hand side.  This will ‘batch’ all your barcodes together and prepare a .pdf file that you can print immediately or return to later. (It may also be saved to your desktop to be used again later.)
  • Print on Avery 5160 (or similar, 30 to a page) address labels.
  • Place barcode stickers on index cards below your item description. 

Please call or email Tess if you have any questions about barcoding your items. We are happy to walk you through the process.
Phone: (903) 705-2236

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