The CCC Sale is an experience like none other.  We know you will find amazing deals.  But more than that, you will find families connecting with a bigger purpose in mind. It’s like one big huge family that shares, gives and helps one another. If this is your first time, or maybe even one of your first times, here are some things that will practically speaking help you get a better picture of what to expect.

First Time Selling:

  1. With school supplies on sale, now is the perfect time to get index cards and sharpies.  Safety pins and hangers often get hard to find, so pick them up when you can. (Office Depot has index cards advertised on sale for $.25 Aug 9-11)
  2. Keep connected with us.  Watch our ‘News’ page.  (  We post tips, tricks and important information here.  Make sure you like us on facebook, ( important information shows up there first.  Lastly, make sure we have your current information.  Log into your account and ‘update’ your information when/ if it changes.
  3. Grouping your items before you get to drop off will make it go faster and easier.
  4. At drop off, you will place your items where they go, so plan accordingly. We have rolling racks and two flatbeds available for you to use.
  5. Items that have pieces and parts (cribs, beds, pack-n-plays) and are not assembled will not sell.  Therefore, we require that all items be put together before you leave drop off.
  6. Sellers get to shop Wednesday evening at 8pm.  You will get an armband at drop off.  You must have it with you to get in to the preview sale.  Each armband admits one person only.  You may bring your dependent children OVER the age of 10.  (no infants in snugglies or otherwise)  Since there are no children under the age of 10, we do not allow strollers on Wednesday night.
  7. When the sale is over, you may pick up left over items.  Pickup is from 4-6pm on Saturday.

First Time Volunteering:

  1. If you need to change your time slot prior to our setup day, you may log into your CCC account and ‘leave your shift’ and sign up for a new one.  After we disable the volunteer schedule, please consider your time a commitment.  We are counting on you.  If there is a family emergency, you may email Laura (
  2. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  3. We recommend you lock your valuables in your car. We do not have an area to keep your items secure.
  4. When you come to fulfill your time slot, you will sign-in, get an apron, and a name tag.
  5. If you are helping during drop off, please bring your items that you are selling either before or after your time slot.
  6. You may shop the presale on Wednesday evening at 6pm.  Your name will be on a list and we will mark your name off the list and hand you an armband while you are in line waiting to shop.
  7. Those that help have earned the right to bring their spouse, along with their dependent children over the age of 10.  (Due to our space constraints, we cannot allow substitutions for your spouse.  Very few husbands actually come.  Allowing substitutions would immediately double the amount of people who came to the presale.  If your mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, or sister would like to shop with you, they can sign up and fulfill a shift, or you can work an additional shift for them.)  Since there are no children under the age of 10 we do not allow strollers on Wednesday night.

First Time Shopping:

  1.  We have over 1,000 families bringing their items with tons of amazing deals.  You will find anything and everything a child could ever need or want plus furniture and home décor items.
  2. Sellers and CCC Team members get to shop before we open to the public.  The best items along with the best deals go at this time.  Anyone is welcome to join us as a seller or team member.  Register on our home page.  (
  3. The first 1,000 shoppers receive our ‘smart mom bags’ with coupons, information and giveaways from local businesses. (Want to include your businesses information? Email us for details
  4. We take cash, check, debit and Visa/Mastercard.
  5. Bring something to carry your items in.  We recommend a laundry basket with a ribbon or belt attached to it so you can drag it along with you.  A laundry basket is easier to maneuver in the crowds than a stroller or canton type cart.
  6. Give yourself plenty of time.  Children are allowed, but sometimes make an extended shopping trip difficult.  Be aware that it is not unusual to shop for hours and still feel like you aren’t done.