Tagging can make you money if it’s done right.  Listed below are several tried and true tricks that will help you sell more and make more.

  • Supplies
    Gather all of your supplies ahead of time.  (index cards, safety pins, markers, tape, ziploc bags, hangers)
  • Preparation
    The better you prep your items the more likely they will sell.  Clean, laundered and ironed items sell for more and quicker.
  • Clear descriptions
    They help in the event the items and the tags separate.
  • Hangers
    Use any kinds of hangers you would like.  Many dry cleaners will give them away for free, just ask.
  • Pricing
    Well priced items sell first.  1/4 of the original price is our rule of thumb.  Infant, Juniors and Maternity should be priced very competitively.  Boutique items can be priced slightly higher. Don’t forget about our $2.00 minimum.
  • Clothing Sets
    For sets (pants, shorts, bloomers, etc.) first place the shirt on the hanger, then pin the bottoms to the neck of the hanger as you would pants.  Do not pin at the bottom/waist of the top.
  • Toys
    Smaller pieces and parts go in ziploc bags and then attached.  Use zip ties, string or ribbon to attach if necessary.
  • Electronic toys and equipment
    Must work and have batteries.  We do not guarantee items and it will not sell if it does not work.
  • Shoes
    We get tons, and only the best sell.  Magic erasers work wonders.  Wash, replace shoe laces, polish if necessary.
  • Groups
    Put like items together.  A big bag of cars, infant toys, hair bows or socks sells better than individuals.