How it Works

  • You set the price.
  • You keep 70% of the price.
  • You decide if your items get discounted.
  • You bring your items to us.  After inspection, you put them in the appropriate area, and we do the rest.
  • We do the advertising for you.  Check out our Media page to see the kind of coverage we get.
  • You get a pass to shop before we open to the public. (details here:
  • You may pick up your unsold items at the close of the sale-Saturday from 4pm-6pm.
  • Checks are mailed 2 weeks after the last day of the sale.
  • All items not picked up will be immediately donated, at the close of the sale, to The Salvation Army and Living Alternatives.  Donations from the CCC Sale support several of their local ministries.
  • Click on the link to view an example of our Seller agreement.

What can we Sell?

Turn all those unused, outgrown items in to cash.  The CCC Sale happens twice a year, the Spring/Summer sale in April and the Fall/Winter sale in September.   Don’t forget that you will always find more than just children’s items at the CCC Sale.   Please review this  list of items for details on what we accept, and when.

Tagging your items

You will register, prepare and tag your items and then use our online barcoding program to print barcode price labels.

Each item must be tagged with a 3×5 index card.

By following all of these instructions you will limit the time spent by you and the other consignors checking in.  If guidelines are not followed, items will have to be re-done before inspection can be completed.

For tagging you will need:

  • Index cards, safety pins, marker or pen, ziploc bags, tape  and address labels (1″ x 2 5/8 ‘) Avery 5160, 8160 or similar.
  • Hand write the size, brand and description in the top/center of the card. Proper description of your items will help us to accurately display and find the item on the rack should a tag come off. Include size, name brand and color. (use S, M, or L on Juniors & Maternity items only.  Please, estimate a number size on all other items.)
  • The barcode price label goes across the bottom of the index card.
  • Attach your tags securely to clothing with a safety pin, other items with packing tape.  Use only one inch or larger safety pins to attach tag. No straight pins or staples please. Small gold pins pop open easily.


  • All clothes must be on a hanger.
  • Hang items with the hook pointing to the left and the tag on the right shoulder if you are facing it. (Make a question mark with the hanger.)
  • You may use any hangers you have, including wire hangers. Hangers go out the door with the item.  They will not be returned to you.  Please feel free to use wire hangers on the smaller clothing as well.
  • You will place your items on the racks. Grouping by size and gender will make drop off go faster.
  • Only up-to-date, current fashion clothing items are accepted.
  • Inspect your items carefully. Clothes that are outdated, soiled, stained, faded or with holes will not be accepted. CCC reserves the right to deny any unacceptable items.
  • Pants, skirts, shorts, bloomers, etc. should be hung at the waist at the top of the hanger. They should look like they are hung on a skirt hanger. This prevents them from sliding on the hanger and falling on the floor.

  • Sets are put together on the same hanger, with bottoms pinned to the hanger at the waist with the right side facing outward. (both pieces can be viewed without unpinning the garment)


  • You set the Price. Price to sell.  Keeping in mind the quality, name brand and condition of your items.
  • CCC suggests starting at 1/4 of the original price.
  • All items must pass a $2.00 rule. Meaning if it can’t bring $2.00 on it’s own, pair it with something that will. You may bag several like items such as bibs, burp towels, socks, and like toys (power rangers, cars, etc.).
  • Price your items in $ .50 increments.
  • CCC reserves the right to price any item that has not been priced or has lost it’s barcode.
  • Bless local families that need it, if at all possible allow you items to go half price.  You’ll be surprised how much more you make.

Shoes and Loose Items

  • Place these items in ziploc type bags. (bibs, burp cloths, bows, socks, cars, ponies, infant toys, etc.)
  • Attach the tag to the INSIDE of the bag.  (you may use tape or a safety pin)
  • We suggest using clear packing tape for securing the bags closed. This prevents “little” hands from reaching in.
  • If shoes are too large, you may tie/attach them together. (use zip ties, ribbon, yarn, etc.)
  • Laces and shoes must be in excellent condition. We get lots of shoes, and only the best sell.

Toys, Furniture, Equipment

  • Please check all items against the CPSC recall website before bringing them to us.  CCC will not knowingly sell recalled items.
  • Items must be in working order and clean. Working batteries must be included with all battery operated items.
  • Small parts should be bagged and taped to the main part very securely. Use HEAVY tape. A packers tape is the best.
  • Use clear packing tape for securing the bags closed so “little” hands can’t reach in.

Books, Puzzles, Movies

  • Books sell well, especially when bundled together in a ziploc bag.
  • Puzzles must have all the pieces.  Use saran-wrap to cover the pieces in place then tape it and the index card to the back.
  • Movies must be G or PG.  Very few VHS movies still sell.

Bedding, Sheets, Blankets, Towels

  • Must be in excellent condition and priced competitively.  We get quite a few.
  • As much as possible, place items in a clear, see-through bag.  (Dollar Tree has ziploc type big bags 3/$1).
  • Be sure to include the size (toddler, twin, etc.) on the index card.
  • Blankets should also be in a bag.
  • Toddler/children’s towels are accepted.

RECENT CHANGE:  Due to our continued growth and space constraints, we are no longer accepting queen or king sized comforters, quilts, or bedding.  We will not be selling any decorative pillows as well.  Our hope is that this will free up much needed additional space for more infant items and toys.  Please continue to bring infant, toddler, twin and full size bedding. The best way to package your bedding is in clear zippered bags like the bag it was originally in or the extra large ziploc type bags that you can find at Target, Walmart and the Dollar Tree store.   As always, we welcome your questions and comments.  Thanks so much for participating in the CCC sale.  It is successful because of Smart Moms like you!

Home Decor

  • Attach tags to an easy to find, prominent place using packing tape, painters tape or zip ties.
  • Blankets, sheets, place mats, etc. must be in a clear, see-through bag if at all possible.  If not, pin the corners together.
  • Decorative pillows are no longer accepted.
  • Small appliances, computers, computer parts, printers, are not accepted.

If you have any questions, you can check this list of what we sell, or this post on tagging tips.


In the last several years, CPSC (the Consumer Product Safety Council, a governmental agency) has increased it’s efforts to protect the public from what they deem as dangerous items.  This includes recalling all cribs manufactured before June 28, 2011.  It also includes recalling several popular brands of strollers, swings and pack-n-plays.  Most recently, they have changed the manufacturing guidelines for pack-n-plays which could result in all previously manufactured pack-n-plays being recalled, much like they did with cribs.  Please help us to keep the safety of our children a priority and the quality of CCC items high by checking ALL of your items, particularly baby equipment against the most recent recall list.

CPSC searchable database

Printing Barcodes

  • Every item is priced with a 3×5 index card and regular address labels (Avery 5160 or similar).
  • Write the Size, Brand and Description in the center of the card.
  • Simply place the barcode label across the bottom of the card.   Complete tagging instructions are above.

Online Barcode Printing

  1. Register to sell by creating or signing into your CCC account.
  2. Click on the order barcodes link.
  3. Fill out the form with the specific price and quantity of barcodes that you need, then click “submit barcode”.
  4. Don’t forget to indicate whether or not your items should go half price on Saturday. Simply choose “yes” or “no” from the “allow discount” drop down box. (Items that will not go half price on Saturday will have the words “NO DISC” printed on the right hand side of the label. Items that will go half price will only have the price and seller number printed.)
  5. Once you have entered all the specific prices you need, click “submit order” on the right hand side.  This will ‘batch’ all your barcodes together and prepare a .pdf file that you can print immediately or return to later. (It may also be saved to your desktop to be used again later.)
  6. Each item must have an index card with a barcode label.

Check out this article for tips and tricks on barcoding your items.

Please call or email Tess if you have any questions about labeling or barcoding your items.

We are happy to walk you through the process.