Twice a year, thousands of families from all over East Texas come to Harvey Convention Center in the hopes of making money and saving money at the CCC Sale.  We know that many of these families have small business’ of their own and are often looking for ways to get their information out to the public.  Over the years we have been approached to partner together with such businesses, and so we have developed Smart Mom Bags as an opportunity to help market local businesses.

 Smart Mom Bags

Each sale we hand out ‘Smart Mom’ bags to the first 1,000 shoppers.  These bags include information about the next CCC Sale, as well as flyers and coupons from local businesses.  Smart Mom bags are a great way to get information about your business into the hands of thousands of East Texas families. Businesses are included on a first come, first served basis, and must register to be included.  The deadline is approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the upcoming sale.  Email us ( for pricing if you are interested.