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Car Magnets for Cash


If you have lived in East Texas for any length of time, you have probably seen one of our cute yellow, polka dotted magnets riding around on the rear of another mom’s vehicle.  It’s so fun to spot each other driving around town.  One of the benefits of the magnets is they make it easy […]

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How to sell more and make more.

The biggest question I had when I first began selling my items was if I should allow them to go half price on Saturday?   With the goal of making as much money as possible, I decided to not discount my items on half price day.  I kept my things at full price, and picked […]

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The Great Murphy Clean Up


When I think about the holiday’s and traditions, I think of things we do leading up to the ‘big events’. Rarely, do post-holiday traditions come to mind. However, I recently realized that we have a very important post-Christmas tradition that has been keeping me sane, and the house de-cluttered for many years. I thought I’d […]

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What to expect….at the CCC Sale.

 The CCC Sale is an experience like none other.  We know you will find amazing deals.  But more than that, you will find families connecting with a bigger purpose in mind. It’s like one big huge family that shares, gives and helps one another. If this is your first time, or maybe even one of your […]

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Beyond East Texas…


What is the CCC Sale about?  CCC is so much more than just a consignment sale.  It’s about local families blessing each other.   It’s meeting new people, making new friends, catching up with old friends, working together with other families towards a common goal.  It’s families making their budgets stretch, teaching their children the value […]

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Supplies 101


Getting started may seem a bit overwhelming.  The first thing to keep in mind is preparation is the key to everything.  It’s usually the hardest part of any job, but it always pays off in the end if you do it right.  Here are some of our favorite tagging and packaging supplies and where to […]

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Barcoding your items


Barcoding Over the years we have learned a few tricks that can help make the barcoding process go faster and easier. Step 1: Gather and tag all your items Place index card with description on each item. Step 2: Register or login Go to our website and register to sell or log in to […]

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Tagging Tips


Tagging can make you money if it’s done right.  Listed below are several tried and true tricks that will help you sell more and make more. Supplies Gather all of your supplies ahead of time.  (index cards, safety pins, markers, tape, ziploc bags, hangers) Preparation The better you prep your items the more likely they […]

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