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Why we do pickup the way we do.

A lot of thought goes into every decision we make about how to manage the CCC Sale.  Pickup is no exception.  Our number one goal always has been and always will be to make the shopping and selling experience as easy and profitable as possible for you— our sellers, even if that means more work […]

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How to sell more and make more.

The biggest question I had when I first began selling my items was if I should allow them to go half price on Saturday?   With the goal of making as much money as possible, I decided to not discount my items on half price day.  I kept my things at full price, and picked […]

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Bedding Changes


At the last sale (Fall 2013) we registered over 1200 families.  It’s exciting to us to see how East Texas is recycling and reusing through the CCC Sale.  As we grow, we have to continually evaluate our processes and see how and what we can do better and more efficiently.  If you have been to […]

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What to expect….at the CCC Sale.

 The CCC Sale is an experience like none other.  We know you will find amazing deals.  But more than that, you will find families connecting with a bigger purpose in mind. It’s like one big huge family that shares, gives and helps one another. If this is your first time, or maybe even one of your […]

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Beyond East Texas…


What is the CCC Sale about?  CCC is so much more than just a consignment sale.  It’s about local families blessing each other.   It’s meeting new people, making new friends, catching up with old friends, working together with other families towards a common goal.  It’s families making their budgets stretch, teaching their children the value […]

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CCC Sale T-shirts

Turquoise Mom Shirt

Since the sale has started, you may buy your shirts at the sale.  This link will be available again after the sale. With the new website design, we have the opportunity to do several exciting things. One of them is to sell CCC shirts BEFORE the sale!  There are 5 different ones to choose from. […]

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Smart Moms. Great Deals.


The more you tell, the more you sell. tm Children’s Clothing Consignment Sale is the consignment event of East Texas.  Thousands of moms have enjoyed saving and making money on gently used items.  Yet, we still consistently meet people who haven’t heard of the CCC Sale.  So, who can you tell?  Your sunday school class, play group, […]

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We would like to remind you that CCC does not own the items that are being sold. Therefore, it is the sellers responsibility to check all their items agains the CPSC recall list. (www.cpsc.gov) Legally items that have been recalled cannot be sold. And, as always, CCC cannot accept items that have been recalled.  Items that only require a […]

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