What is the CCC Sale about?  CCC is so much more than just a consignment sale.  It’s about local families blessing each other.   It’s meeting new people, making new friends, catching up with old friends, working together with other families towards a common goal.  It’s families making their budgets stretch, teaching their children the value of a dollar and even keeping unwanted items out of our local landfills.  Each sale, we are blessed  to hear amazing stories from you  about the impact CCC has on your lives.  We LOVE hearing these stories.  Did you know? Because of your participation in the CCC Sale:

  • A special needs orphanage in Baghdad, Iraq received shoes.
  • Several different schools/orphanages in Africa have received books, shoes, and supplies.
  • Shoes and clothes have gone to Bible Study Fellowship Rafiki Orphanages in Africa for the last 6 years.
  • PATH received Coats for the Coats for Kids program.
  • Books went to Rusk State Hospital.
  • An entire box truck was sent to The Chapel on The Campus Church, Baton Rouge, LA after hurricane Katrina to be distributed all across South Louisiana.
  • A local Girl Scouts chapter raised funds that allowed all of them to go to summer camp together.
  • Several families have used the money from CCC to fund short term mission trips.
  • Each sale Living Alternatives receives maternity and infant items for their unwed mother’s home and building blocks program.
  • Various local Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary programs are supported with the donations they receive each sale.
  • Several families have told us of using their CCC checks to help them adopt a child. 

This quick, short list, is just a beginning.  No doubt, the stories are endless.  It is your participation and willingness to bless one another that makes CCC such a joy to continue to be a part of.  Thank you for generously giving of your time, energy and donations to make CCC so much more than just a consignment sale.  Tell us what you did with your check.  We like to rejoice with you when you spend the money you make on a vacation for your family or a new kitchen aid mixer that you have had your eye on for quite some time…  Maybe you just spend it on daily stuff or maybe you use the money you make to buy more clothes for your kids.   If you don’t mind sharing, we would love to hear.   (Email Tess at, or comment on facebook)Thanks so much for being a part of CCC.  You are appreciated!