At the last sale (Fall 2013) we registered over 1200 families.  It’s exciting to us to see how East Texas is recycling and reusing through the CCC Sale.  As we grow, we have to continually evaluate our processes and see how and what we can do better and more efficiently.  If you have been to a CCC Sale, you know space is a premium.  Even the tent out in the parking lot (the biggest one we can rent) is busting at the seams.

Over the past several sales, we have evaluated the items that come to us, looking at what does and what does not sell.  Bedding is an area that takes up lots of space, and historically does not sell as well as some other items.  So, we will no longer be able to accept queen or king sized comforters, quilts, or bedding. We will also not be able to take decorative pillows.

Our hope is that this will free up much needed additional space for more infant items and toys.  Please continue to bring infant, toddler, twin and full size bedding. The best way to package your bedding is in clear zippered bags like the bag it was originally in or the extra large ziplock type bags that you can find at Target, Walmart and the Dollar Tree store.   As always, we welcome your questions and comments.  Thanks so much for participating in the CCC sale.  It is successful because of Smart Moms like you!