Over the years we have learned a few tricks that can help make the barcoding process go faster and easier.

Step 1: Gather and tag all your items
Place index card with description on each item.

Step 2: Register or login
Go to our website and register to sell or log in to your existing CCC acount.

Step 3: Planning
Think through your items and ‘ballpark’ guess the prices you would like to use on your items, remember to decide if you will allow your items to go half price or not.  Locate your mailing labels.

Step 4: Order your barcodes
Each page has 30 labels on it.  Order specific prices in groups accordingly.  For example:  15 (half a page) of $3.00, 30 (an entire page) of $5.00, etc. Do not try to list or get exactly the right number of labels.  It is too time consuming.

Step 5: Print your labels

Step 6: Index cards
Go through your items and slap a price label on each index card.

Step 7: Save extra labels
You will have left over labels.  That’s okay.  Put them in a safe place and save them for future sales.  You will have less work to do next time.